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There´s a reason why James Bond makes inventions like the BOB underwater scooters so easy to operate. They are!

The Breathing Observation Bubble, which was invented by a British car designer, might look like the diving bell of old, but cast aside any worries you might have about the apparatus being heavy, unwieldy or hard to operate.

After a few minutes instruction you need only dip briefly underwater to resurface with your head inside the bubble and seated comfortably on the scooter. Before you know it you are off on an adventure, looking at the fabulous underwater world through your own personal window.

One thing that makes BOB diving so special is that there is no breathing apparatus to consider or that obscures the face of the divers. The looks of delight and surprise as a variety of marine life stop by to investigate the divers is always a highlight of the trip.

You don´t need any diving experience at all, though you should be in good health, at least 1.55 metres tall and under 74 years of age. The cost per person is only € 44,- which includes the boat trip to and from your BOB diving spot.

We only go out twice per day and we only take small groups to ensure that everyone gets top class service. For this reason we´d suggest you reserve your BOB trip in advance. Go here to Book Your Bob!

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