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What does B.O.B. mean?
B.O.B. stands for Breathing Observation Bubble, its an underwater scooter for individual use.

Can anyone do it?
Just about. The minimum height is 1.55 metres (about 5 feet 4 inches), you should be in a good health condition and know how to swim. We have taken old age pensioners down BOB diving, though the maximum age limit is 74.

What does my height have to do with me going on the underwater scooter?
If you are less than 5 feet 4 inches, when seated on the scooter you will not reach the air supply and you will not be able to breathe.

SeahorseCan I wear my glasses or contact lenses?
We get asked this a lot. Of course, it is not possible to wear glasses when scuba diving but B.O.B's are different. Because your whole head is protected within the bubble, you can wear glasses or contact lenses without any problems at all. In fact, if you need corrective lenses of any kind, then don´t forget to bring them with you, so you do not miss any of the sea creatures that you´ll meet.

Can you go B.O.B. diving while being pregnant?
No you cannot!

Must I have some diving experience?
No, you don´t need any experience at all. B.O.B. diving is a fantastic introduction to the world under the sea and many who try B.O.B. diving go on to become qualified scuba divers.

Angel FishI am a qualified scuba diver. Do you think I´d enjoy B.O.B. diving?
Definately! The owners and instructors at Safari B.O.B. are all PADI instructors with years of experience diving internationally and we still get a kick out of our B.O.B.'s.

How deep do we go with the underwater scooter?
The maximum depth we use during the excursion is 5 meters.

Can you get seasick?
As we are going out on the boat to the dive-site, yes you can get seasick. So if you suffer from motion sickness just ask your local chemist for some tablets against car sickness and take them before going out with us on the boat to start your exciting underwater scooter adventure.

Can my wife just come out with us on the boat?
Yes, she can but she will need to pay as a spectator, which is € 22,- .


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